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The Story of the PV Glider

The first U.S. made balance bike, the PV GLIDER (now discontinued) provided young children, eighteen (18) months to nine (9) years old, a safe and fun way to both enjoy bicycling, improve motor skills; confidence and learn how to balance. In 2008 we introduced The Mini Glider and Go Glider an Alloy version, engineered by us and manufactured in Asia with our exacting high standards. The quality is so high we are able to offer a Lifetime warranty

Many parents have stated that the PV GLIDER, MINI GLIDER AND GO GLIDER have exceeded their expectations in enabling their children to ride and balance upon two wheels with confidence. Most children prefer the ease of maneuvering, control and smooth action of the GLIDER to the traditional bicycle. In fact, we developed the Go Glider to accommodate both experienced older riders and older kids who could benefit from the design.

Designed by a Dad: In or about 2004,Watch Video a father who is also an avid cyclist designed the original PV GLIDER. By the time the designer's children were eighteen months and three years old he had developed a lightweight, safe bicycle alternative that would help his children learn to balance on two wheels without bruises and training wheels. Both children were quickly gliding effortlessly. His son was riding a traditional bicycle by age two without the help of training wheels and his daughter was not too far behind! As the family traveled with the PV GLIDERS in tow, many parents along the way asked for Gliders for their own children. It is from this interest and demand that the original PV GLIDER was offered to the public. The original Gliders were all made and painted by hand. As both his children and the demand for a high quality product grew he developed both the MINI GLIDER and GO GLIDER.

Conventional children's bicycles and learning methods rely on both steel frames and training wheels. This method places children in an unsteady and threatening position. Our GLIDERs are made of a lightweight durable alloy, combining a lower center of gravity and seat height with a relaxed steering angle and hand brake for easier control. This design allows children to build both their confidence and skill simultaneously.

A child starts by walking and pushing while seated, trusting his/her own abilities while quickly graduating to gliding on two wheels.

Watch the movies to see how the glider works. Kids love the Glider!

The GLIDER is the fastest, easiest, and SAFEST way to teach your child how to ride a bike and keep on riding!. Say goodbye to training wheels! Balance Bikes for Kids.

Looking for a Glidebike, Balance Bike or a Bike without Pedals. The Glidebike is the premier Balance Bike on the market. It is a great way for you to teach your child to ride a bike.


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