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Why training wheels slow the learning process...

Ed has been in the bike industry a long time and also knew that training wheels are not as safe as most folks think they are. And it can take years to learn with training wheels because it doesn't teach kids the most important thing about learning to ride a bike in the first place - how to balance. When a bike leans, or falls to one side, you start to go out of balance. To restore balance, you turn the wheel into the lean. Training wheels do not allow the bike to lean and therefore kids do not learn to turn the wheel in the right direction to restore balance. Further, by preventing lean, training wheels can cause the bike to fall over in a turn. When a child has a bad fall they are less likely to want to try it again, delaying the learning process further. So Ed set about finding a better way.

The PV Glider is the result of years of his bike industry experience.

The PV Glider is much safer than training wheels. You don't even need to stand next to your child as he learns how to balance and start to glide. No more worries about falling down and skinned knees, elbows or worse. The reason it is so safe is in the design.

But what truly amazed Ed was that his son, just two years old, and after having the Glider for only one month, could now ride a bike without training wheels. Unbelievable? Not really. This product was designed to teach kids to balance while being safe so kids can build confidence more quickly as well. And that's exactly what it does. Find out more here.

Ed also realized that even after Max could ride a bike, Max still loved to play with the Glider. Just like a scooter or skateboard, the PV Glider is FUN!


Looking for a Glidebike, Balance Bike or a Bike without Pedals. The Glidebike is the premier Balance Bike on the market. It is a great way for you to teach your child to ride a bike.


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